I want to write a book

“A standalone with series potential”.

The specifics are something I’ll explore in other posts. For now, it’s scary enough for me to say that.

Streaming pt. 2

If I keep things chill and run low-requirement games then I can focus on more meaningful stuff. Like my shitty personality and lack of skill.


I was going to call this post something cunning and totally, definitely unique like ‘Merrily down the Stream’ or ‘Islands in the Stream’ or ‘Streaming piles of shit’, but I realised that might obfuscate the point. And blow my readers away with just how goddamn witty and totally, definitely unique I am.

Bi Visibility Day

I appreciate that most of my audience already knows which side my loaf is buttered, but there’s a handful of people who don’t. Today is Bi Visibility Day, and it seems only right that as I decloaked myself on FB, I should also put in the effort on my blog.

Harvest Moon, pt 1

Your adventure begins – as these things so often do – on a dark and lonely night. You’ve been in a car crash.

October Adventure!

What is this? For the month of October I will be writing a text adventure inspired by CYOA books, the Fighting Fantasy series, and Interactive Fiction games of old. This will be investigative-horror in nature and its outcome will be decided by you! The tone will be somewhat tongue in cheek with a protagonist (i.e. you!)…