October Adventure!

What is this?

For the month of October I will be writing a text adventure inspired by CYOA books, the Fighting Fantasy series, and Interactive Fiction games of oldThis will be investigative-horror in nature and its outcome will be decided by you!

The tone will be somewhat tongue in cheek with a protagonist (i.e. you!) who is aware of the conventions of these things.

Updates to the Adventure will be an easy-to-read length with the exception of the opening and closing sections. This should help expedite things and keep everyone involved. No need to spend hours keeping caught up with everything – at a maximum of 400 words per update, it should take no more than 10 minutes to keep abreast of the story’s progress and make decisions.

When appropriate, I will share things like an inventory and maps to show your progress. These will be expertly drawn*.

How to join in!

The Schedule

Updates will be shared at 8pm GMT on every odd-numbered day of the month. The first one will be shared on the 1st of October, the next will be on the 3rd, and so on until the Adventure’s completion. 


Participants in the Adventure will have 24 hours to vote on what happens next. The 24 hour countdown will begin immediately after a post has been shared.

Voting and Participation

Anyone can follow the Adventure as it unfolds, and everyone is welcome to share comments on posts to help influence how other people may vote. However only Patreons may vote on what happens next via polls on my Patreon page. All Patrons will receive one vote regardless of tier or length of time as a Patron. As such, if you want to participate in voting but aren’t interested in signing up for a long-term commitment, I am very happy for you to join my Patreon for a single month! There will be no ill will if you opt to cancel before or after this time.

What’s more, you will be able to vote from the moment you join my Patreon – no need to sign up in advance, or worry that if you join part way through the adventure you won’t be able to participate. 

My Patreon tiers start at just $2/£1.61-ish for a month. You can find out more by clicking here!


The project has been mapped to ensure it’s possible for the Adventure to be completed within 13 moves, i.e., 26 days. 

I must stress, however, that that all followers and Participants should appreciate how wacky the logic of these things often is. While it is possible for the Adventure to be resolved in 13 moves, this is unlikely to happen. Without uncovering the reasons why – for example – using a specific object in a specific scenario is important, it would seem weird to consider that a viable option when/if it gets presented.

I wish to emphasise this in case anyone chooses to become a Patron for one month to participate and is upset if the Adventure continues beyond that month.

I very much hope that Participants (and readers!) will enjoy exploring the scenario, uncovering all the mysteries to be found, and won’t get too caught up on how long it takes.

If we get into 2020 and the Adventure is still going, I might have to expedite things. I’ve got other things to work on, after all.

Rules in brief

  1. A ‘Participant’ is specifically someone who is able to vote. Only Patrons can vote on what happens next. Anyone can read along, comment, and hope to influence the direction of things. 
  2. Participants will get one vote each regardless of what tier they belong to, or when they joined my Patreon.
  3. Each post will have two or more options to vote on. I.e., there will be no ‘filler’ posts that require ‘press any key to continue’.  Well, maybe one or two. Excessive use of this would be unsatisfying for all involved.
  4. If the voting is tied or if there are no votes at all on any given poll, I will use a die to determine what happens next.
  5. Along the course of the Adventure, it may be possible to get waylaid thereby losing time. It is not, however, possible for the Adventurer to ‘die’ and be forced to restart. In this regard the Adventure does differ from those you might’ve enjoyed as a kid (or, indeed, as an adult!). This is purely to keep things going. The Adventure is not without risks, though, so each step should be chosen carefully. There will be consequences for lost time.
  6. There will be multiple endings to the Adventure. Which one the Adventurer experiences will be dictated by the outcomes of votes. Lost time will be a contributing factor in this.
  7. The other factor will be how much information is discovered over the course of the adventure. Finding out certain key pieces of information will unlock additional options at significant points.
  8. In the event that voting directs the Adventurer to backtrack, some text may be re-used. If this should happen, I will do my best to include new details and story elements so that the move isn’t ‘wasted’. This may not always be possible.
  9. Closer to the time, I may tweak these rules. Hopefully this won’t have to happen, but I reserve the right to do so depending on what’s happening in my life.
  10. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


* No they won’t.

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